Why resund Bridge Is So Important

Why resund Bridge Is So Important?

Why resund Bridge Is So Important? – There are a lot of bridges that connects two countries together in this world. However, there are not a lot of them that are as developed as the resund Bridge. However, how big is the influence of this bridge actually is?
• About The Bridge
The resund Bridge connect two countries from two major metropolitan cities; Copenhagen (Denmark) and Malmö (Sweden). The bridge itself is a combination between road and rail bridge. It is also known as the backbone of internet data transmission from central Europe to Sweden and vice versa.

Historically, the bridge has been in demand since 1910. However, due to some disturbances from WWII and economic conditions, the plan was dropped a few times. Fortunately, both Denmark and Sweden are finally able to sign a new agreement in 1991, resulting in the resund that stands today. Following the agreement, The resund Committee was also established in 1993.

• About The Committee
The construction project for the bridge only started in 1995, two years after the establishment of The resund Committee (also known as resundskomiteen in Swedish.) However, the committee still plays a great role in the construction project to succeed. Since the resund Bridge connects two major cities and the area around it, the region is bound to collaborate politically. The committee was established for that exact purpose.

The focus of the committee change over the years. However, according to their past activities, there are four issues in concern, such as strengthening good relations between the areas, eliminating obstacles in their cross-border labor market, investing new infrastructures for the sake of the region, and adding new strategies and vision for 2025.

• Its Impact To The Region
Both the bridge and the committee had brought impacts to people of the region, such as:

  • Easier commuting between Denmark and Sweden. Though the railway is still considered one with the most expensive fare in Europe, it gave people in resund area fast choices to commute around. People can also choose to drive, giving them flexibility for their travel.
  • More job vacancies. People from both Denmark and Sweden can look for jobs in each other countries, though this was a bit restricted for the Swede.
    The resund region will never be as rich in culture, business, and politics without this bridge. Had been connecting Sweden and Denmark since July 2000, the resund bridge still stands strong for both countries today. Without it, it’s hard to imagine resundskomiteen to be as involved as today.

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