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Swedish Unique Business Atmosphere

Sweden is famous for gave a birth to several giant companies that now recognized by people all around the world. Sweden is also well-known for its unique and brilliant ideas which lead to several inventions that today used by everyone. IKEA, Electrolux, H&M, Spotify, Skype, Ericsson, AstraZeneca, Peepoople, Wrap, and Solvatten are the example of Swedish big companies that known worldwide. H&M, the brand for modest yet trendy style of fashion first introduced as fashion for women, even had broaden its business to more than 2500 stores across the world. Swedish businesses also hold generosity and ethic codes to its value. For example, H&M is committing to not hire children as its workers and provides secure workplace. IKEA also wants people to have furniture for their home in most affordable price.

Speaking of culture, Sweden absolutely has unique and its own way to doing certain things. The culture in business and Swedish daily lifestyle is nothing different. The laid back attitude is definitely included into the business culture in Sweden. If it is strange and categorized as inappropriate using open-toed flip-flops, but in Sweden, it is common and indeed allowed to wear sandals to the office. There are couple break time to restore your energy and caffeine. Swedish also respects of other private lives at so doing late work in Sweden is very unlikely to happen except there is something inevitable to do on the next day.

If you are on your way to open your business in Sweden or newly hired by some company in Sweden, you may want to read the following sentences. Although Swedish also speak English, it is highly suggested that you learn Swedish as well thus you can get along with your co-workers easier. You also need to get down all the taxes before you start running your business. Swedish are humble and do not like bragging, so it is important for you to act modest too.

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