Swedish Business Style

Swedish Business Style

Business in general will be identical to something that served with stiff workforce, serious and tight rules, fast work life, and formal suits. Drop those conservative thoughts down if you are doing business in Sweden. Just like their daily basis activities, they like to take everything slowly and casually. Relaxing atmosphere at the office is very popular among businesses in Sweden. It may looks odd for some people outside Sweden to work within the pace and culture.

However, one thing for sure, Swedish are the one you will consider to be your partner in crime due to their efficient, effective, and innovative thinking. Although Swedish love to have couple of break time at work, but when Swedish work, they are really committing to what they are doing. Not to mention, their genius brains which deliver such amazing ideas to the world.

Swedish are well-known for their casual and laid back attitude. Most of Swedish even prefer to work from home. They with also highly respect other’s personal space. They are not intended to work late except that job is really cannot wait until the next day. Between 8 AM to 4 PM, that is the time when Swedish efficiently get the job done. Other than that, it is inappropriate to contact the employees regarding work. Coffee is also the important beverage in Sweden. They even conduct several break time just to refill their caffeine. Sandal is allowed to be worn to the office. During daily work hours, the dress code is basically casual.

Sweden is become the home for many of world leading companies. It is an old story that Sweden is the place where all great inventions came from. There are giant companies built and run in Sweden. Who does not know IKEA? IKEA is a big company in home furnishing manufacturer. There are also Sweden-based Ericsson, Electrolux, AstraZeneca, Spotify, Skype, Salvatton, and Peepoople.

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