Sweden Quirky Habits in Business

Sweden Quirky Habits in Business

Sweden is known for the country that offers you welcoming atmosphere and slow-paced living. Apparently, everyday habits in Sweden has been carried to their business work style. There are some habits that may look quirky and odd compared to other countries. Swedish like to take their time to finally come up with decision. It is probably a downside when Swedish cooperate with people from other countries. Business is known for fast-paced and tight rules while Swedish is absolutely not all of those things. It is indeed hard to reach a decision due to the lagom principle that they hold so close. Lagom means something that is just right, average. Therefore, when it comes to decision, there is no bold yes or no decision, it is always somewhere in between. Work-life balance in Sweden is also a highly important for them. Adjusting the work and private life is necessary and they absolutely respect other’s personal time. Swedish also need several times of break time at work to restore their caffeine storage. Coffee is a must for Swedish.

Move forward to the work appearance at the office. Clothing is definitely not their number one priority. It is usually casual dress code that used in business offices. In company, you can even wear sandals for your daily work life. It is also a great idea to learn Swedish even if you are working with people that can speak English. You also have to highly respect your co-workers since it is mandatory to respect others. Everyone in the Swedish office also can let their mind out to their bosses. It is their culture to hear everyones opinions.

Sweden Quirky Habits in BusinessNevertheless, Swedish is very efficient in everything. Although they do not have great amount of working time, they are highly effective and competent people with great work ethic. When they are at work, they will get their job done within the deadline.

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