Sweden-Denmark Business Agreement Fun Fact

Sweden-Denmark Business Agreement Fun Fact

Sweden-Denmark Business Agreement Fun Fact – These two countries, Sweden and Denmark, have a unique agreement in terms of business. They are connected by Oresund strait which smoothes out their business. There are also some facts regarding this strait and both countries agreement which are fun enough to get to know.
• Political Control Issue
It is not a secret that the presence of Oresund strait is beneficial and can bring more profit in for anyone who controls it. Well, it is not only famous for fishing though but the trait also significance for business. Therefore, there is also no secret that Sweden and Denmark have fought each other for this strait. Even, there is an issue of political control over this strait for a long time.

Then, thanks to the Copenhagen Convention, Oresund Strait becomes an international waterway which profits both countries for sure. The contribution that should be paid to Denmark was also abolished, and they created a new agreement for tax payment.

• A Bridge for A Permanent Connection
The Oresund bridge was inaugurated in 200 and became a permanent connection for these two countries. This bridge gives access to citizens from both countries to travel as well as others who pass the countries. Now, it is known as one of the busiest bridges and gives more incomes for Sweden and Denmark as well.

It starts from Copenhagen Denmark, runs for five kilometres to an artificial island. Then the bridge turns into an underwater tunnel for 2.5 kilos to Malmo, Sweden. There are railway track and also a motorway as a transport medium. The toll is the income both countries get, and since it is a busy bridge and tunnel, then they get a lot.

Oresund Strait and bridge become a turning point for Sweden and Denmark in which they are thankful now. There is no more fight for it, and both countries can get benefits from it as equal as possible. The bridge is also a symbol of a permanent connection between the two countries and hopes for more beneficial agreements in the future.

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