Sweden as Business Area

Sweden as Business Area

Sweden is famous for its brilliant innovations. There are several big companies standing tall in Sweden. Sweden companies even reach other countries all over the world. IKEA is the example of successful company owned by Swedish Ingvar Kamprad that now becomes giant home furnishing company in more than 38 countries on earth. IKEA allows you to furnish your home with fashionable do-it-yourself feel furniture and ornaments without digging your pocket too deep.

In the world of prescriptive medicines, Sweden also takes place with big biopharmaceutical company called AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca was basically a combination between to power of individual companies in medicine. Astra AB, a Swedish company which built in 1913, was then decided team up with UK company called Zeneca in 1999. After that, AstraZeneca has become the huge company which interested in gastrointestinal diseases, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and other serious medical illness. There are still several renowned company in Sweden such as Electrolux, Ericsson, clothing company H&M, Skype, Peepoople, Wrap and Solvatten. Today’s most popular music streaming application, Spotify, turned out to be one of the successful Swedish companies.

Running a business in a particular country must suits with its particular culture as well. Sweden, apparently, has unique and uncommon culture which differs the way of taking the business to the top from any other country. If we are thinking working in business environment must be fast paced and stressful, well, Swedish has its own relaxing ambience to take care of a business. You can use casual clothing and even sandals to work in Sweden.

Next unordinary habit in Swedish business is how employees from all levels in an organization can speak their mind out. Swedish organizations must have this “short chain of command” that assure their employees security and rights to be outspoken. The laid back atmosphere in Sweden business is certainly not everyone’s way of working.

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