Own the Swedish Way of Working

Own the Swedish Way of Working

It is undoubtedly that Swedish indeed is the home for several famous big companies. Electrolux, AstraZeneca, Spotify, Peepoople, Skype, Salvatton, H&M and IKEA are the best example to present the genius side of Sweden. Who would have thought that the most popular home furnishing in the world is own and started by some Swedish? Actually, not that surprising though. Swedish is well-known for their brilliant and unthinkable innovations. They bring great inventions to the world. How they even work in daily basis? Well, through this reading, you are going to be introduced with the odd way of Swedish working.

Swedish have their own definition of productive. Unlike many countries in the world which must working in fast-paced workflow, rigid schedule, and tight rules, Swedish throw all of that to the garbage and do it in their laid back attitude instead. Sounds strange? Well, but somehow that way of working is effective to deliver such great ideas, right? It is already everyone’s secret that Swedish like to take their time for everything. They even need couple of break time to refill their energy with caffeine. Decision making in Sweden companies may take your patience to another level since it is very slow for them to make a single decision. They just cannot boldly make up their mind whether they accept or deny something.

For dress code, Swedish is not really pay attention to what you wear to work. Casual clothes style is okay to get to the office. You even can wear your favorite sandals to work. What an odd culture. They even not accept the overtime working except it is inevitable. They highly respect other’s private life. Nonetheless, when it comes to defined work hours, they really efficiently work. So it is actually a great work-life balance. To sum up everything, Swedish way of working is including efficiency, work-life balance, relax, and respect.

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