Oresund Business Condition in The Middle of Pandemic

Oresund Business Condition in The Middle of Pandemic

Oresund Business Condition in The Middle of Pandemic – Pandemic affects many countries in various aspects, and one is the business aspect. Many people lost their job and source of income, and Oresund also gets this impact. However, business in Oresund keeps going, although they do not get the best result.
• Still at Full Capacity
Oresund business keeps going in full capacity although there is a noticeable decrease in number. The Drydocks is still operating in full capacity in terms of project size, not the number of the vessels. Therefore, they are always busy, although there is a sense of uncertainty.

Some vessels postpone to docking since the market, in general, is affected by pandemic and lock-down, but there are still some projects that they do. Even the percentage of the cancellation is just a small that the demand is still quite significant.

• It is Declining
The distinct view of the Oresund bridge is there is less and less traffic, in a matter of cars number, which usually they have busy traffics on the bridge. Both countries in both ends of the bridge, Sweden and Denmark, make all effort to stop the virus spreading, including to limit the travel. However, playing casino games will not have any limit ever since the players are free to access the games and place the bet.

Because of the limit, the number of cars and other kinds of transportation seems seen less day by day, and it means that they cannot reach their target of profit this year. It is indeed a difficult time for them.

• Supports for Commuters in the Middle of Pandemic
In facing this condition, Denmark and Sweden have an agreement for the commuters who usually commute bypassing the Oresund bridge. They adjust the tax for the commuters, so they don’t have to pay double taxes. If they work-from-home in 50% of their work time, then the tax regulation will be changed and no longer eligible for employment country taxation. This agreement is called the Oresund Agreement.

Still, Oresund is one prominent spot speaking of the business trade, so they do not close it in the pandemic. Let’s hope this pandemic will be over soon so the bridge will be as busy as ever again.

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