Business Odd Culture in Sweden

Business Odd Culture in Sweden

Sweden is now the hot topic in business world. There no more poor title attached to this Denmark neighbour because Sweden gave a birth to many of giant companies which now scattering all over the world. The renowned home furnishing manufacturer, IKEA is currently spreading all across the countries as many as 38 countries and 350 stores. Fashion clothing popular brand, H&M, is also developing bigger and bigger. H&M now has more than 2000 stores all around the world. On the other hand, Electrolux which produces sophisticated and lux appliances have just listed as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies on earth by Ethisphere Institute. That honour certainly represents how the business in Sweden looks like. Swedish companies highly hold work ethic and business codes into their organization. H&M, for instance, is denying the child labour to their manufacturer.

Innovative and beyond the ordinary ideas from Swedish are just amazing. How is their working life at the office? Unlike many of the business companies such as from other countries, Swedish companies are just truly relax and casual at the office. Their employees even can wear sandals to work! It is super odd to be frankly honest. The pace settled in many of Swedish companies is super slow as well especially in business world which well-known for its fast-paced workflow.

The decision in Swedish companies is also hard to get due to their incapability to be bold whether they approve something or reject particular thing. They always go in between. This sort of problem is also admitted by Swedish. There is a culture where all of decision should be taken based on everyone’s compromise. There are a lot of meetings in Swedish companies. This perhaps caused by the mandatory to listen to everyone’s opinion. With that being said, this also may the root of why Swedish take a long time to come to decision.

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