Here is What Other Countries Can Learn from Business Breakthrough in Oresund

Here is What Other Countries Can Learn from Business Breakthrough in Oresund – Oresund Bridge is one of the products of the huge global achievement that has ever made. It happened decades ago, but it is proven to be effective until today, and it should be an example for every other country. A lot of things are worth to set as an example from this movement.
• Political Union
If anything, the Oresund committee has been successful in uniting two different countries, Denmark and Sweden. For two different authorities, it is a huge movement in which each country is willing to cooperate in many of ways to reach this union. It rarely happens in the entire political history on earth.

With political condition is not renewed, the tension between two countries, if any, has been resolved. Citizens of both countries can “make friends” and communicate in so many ways they couldn’t previously except when they both playing online slot games in and meet online. If anything, these two countries agree to support each other’s causes.

• Economical Union
If there is ever a wall between Denmark and Sweden, it is gone now. Since the union, both Denmark and Sweden has been in close support to each other. They both push forward many fields of each country including place marketing, culture, labor market, as well as infrastructure for both parties.

Since the union, both Denmark and Sweden has gained significant economical increase, which makes good news for both countries.

• Transportation Connectivity
As soon as the Oresund Bridge was built, the immediate impact can be clearly seen. Technically, this gives smooth transportation connectivity. Business partnership costs a lot cheaper with transportation is in low cost and easily reached. Tourism for both connected cities gets even better by years, making local income automatically raised as well.

This bridge connects not only two major cities of both countries, but also everything in between, from business, culture, and more.

Onestly, the Oresund Committee shows that good attitude can build a good union between countries. It actually empowers each other on many sectors, while citizens are connected as well, creating higher standard of harmony in living. Surely, many countries can learn from this, in which they can resolve their political tension while empowering each other.