The Embassy of the Oresund Region

Since 1993, Öresundskomiteen has been the official platform for regional political cooperation between the Swedish province of Scania (Skåne) and Denmark’s major island Zealand.

As the Oresund Region comprises two distinct national systems, regulations and legislation on the Swedish and Danish sides can sometimes differ.

Against this background, Öresundskomiteen has had an important role to play ever since its inception in 1993 as the political platform for regional cross-border cooperation.

The Committee has evolved into an established political constellation that promotes regional cross-border cooperation at all levels. It also ensures that the Swedish and Danish national parliaments, as well as the EU parliament in Brussels, give due attention and high priority to the Oresund Region.

Another important task is to boost integration between the region’s citizens, where workplace relations and cultural activities and events are two vital areas to guide regional development.

In this way, the Committee can be described as ‘the Embassy of the Oresund’, working as the region’s advocate, developing networks with stakeholders and seeking new ways to develop the Oresund Region